Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 reasons why you fail to lose weight, stay motivated and acheive your fitness goals

Love hearing feedback from clients regarding their success and received this message this week from a young lady who never thought she would ever find exercise something to look forward to:

"I woke up this morning and couldn't wait to get to the gym and start my workout! (Shock I know!) A few months ago I hated the gym and was thinking about canceling my membership. I am so motivated!! Finally something that works for me plus my legs & butt have never looked better! Can't wait to hit the weights today!"

With the launch of my new fitness services, I have had many questions regarding the right programs for people and which plans would be best suited for them and their lifestyle. 

If you are new to exercising or simply returning after a bit of a hiatus, finding the right plan can be difficult. Everyone wants to jump straight in to the "all or nothing" routine, however from observation, I know that after a few short weeks (or even days) people can lose focus, motivation and momentum, slowly falling back into old habits.

This can usually be the result of a few things:
The "total action hero"  Approach 
You desperately want to lose weight (right now!) so you choose the most extreme fitness routine/DVD/program in the market, that has amazing transformation photos, however after playing the DVD/starting the program, you realize that your body is not cut out for 100 burpees in a row or explosive pushups with double claps. You then feel defeated and throw the DVD into the drawer (while icing your aching joints and sore back) and then watch more fitness infomercials, hoping to find the next fitness solution!

The "I am confused about what I am doing" Approach
You decide you are going to exercise, so you head to the gym, walk around, lift a few weights (without any plan or without knowing what to do), walk for 10 minutes on the treadmill and go home. You repeat this for 2 weeks, don't see any results, then give up, deciding that nothing will ever work for you.

 The "I want to look like Angelina Jolie" Approach

You look through the internet and find a fitness routine that a celebrity, model or bodybuilder follows. You print this out and take it to the gym, then realize that you don't understand any of the exercises and that even after following it diligently for weeks, your body doesn't look anything like theirs does! How could this be? This routine goes into the trash and you then start looking for a new celebrity, model or bodybuilder routine on the internet to follow...

The "cardio bunny" Approach

You are scared of doing weights so just stick to cardio. After doing an hour a day on the treadmill, you notice that your clothes are a bit looser, but your body is not really changing shape. You decide that you will now do 2 hours a day. After a week you realize that you simply exhausted and all this cardio is not sculpting your butt like you wanted or giving you definition in your arms. You can't work it out though - all the women are on the cardio machines so it must be the right thing to do?

The "I can eat anything because I went to the gym" Approach

You find a plan that fits into your lifestyle and work out religiously. You start to see great results, so think that you can start to "slack off" now and have dessert every night, "because you deserve it". You then notice your results are lagging, so work out even harder. Your body is looking great! Time to treat yourself again, so out comes the cupcakes. This cycle continues endlessly!

Do any of these examples ring a bell? There are many more I could list, however these are the most common ones that I have observed.

So how can you choose a plan that will work for you and your goals?

Here are 10 important things to consider:

1. What are you trying to achieve? Set clear goals on your dream body!
2. When do I want to achieve this by?
3. How much time can you realistically set aside for training?
4. What is your skill level?
5. Do you have any injuries that may stop you from doing certain exercises?
6. What type of activities do you enjoy?
7. What keeps you motivated?
8. Do you prefer to work out at home or in the gym?
9. Are you able to follow a plan exactly?
10. Are you serious about making real changes to your body, or are you looking for a quick fix?

Ask yourself these questions to work out what NEW approach will work for you. Following the same routine (that has not given you results in the past) is a surefire way to achieve very little progress.

Be fit & well :)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8 Steps to a Bombshell Beach Body - World Physique Magazine

Everyone wants a Bombshell Beach Body!

This month, one of my articles was published in World Physique Magazine, outlining 8 steps you can take to work on building your own bikini body. This is a great article, as it includes some simple, yet effective tips for your diet and also my Sexy Summer Circuit, which will leave you feeling sassy and strong! It is the perfect mix of cardio and strength training, guaranteed to raise your heart rate and build long, lean, sexy muscle!

You can read the full article in the Summer Edition of World Physique Magazine, which if you are not familiar with, is a fabulous magazine full of great fitness and nutrition articles, written by fitness pro's, including pro fitness and bikini competitors, bodybuilders, trainers and nutritionists.If today is the day that you have wanted to try something new in the gym, then print off my Sexy Summer Circuit and get to it! 

 I also encourage all of you to visit my official Facebook page, as I regularly post exclusive workouts and fitness tips there. 

Be fit & well :)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ask Courtney - What are some of your favorite beauty products?

One of my fabulous readers Ashley wanted to know:  

"Hi Courtney! From your experience as a model, what are some of your favorite beauty products or cosmetics that makeup artists have used in your photoshoots?"

Well I have been asked this many times over the years and I thought that I would share some of them with you all, so that you can also benefit from the many products that I have tried and tested! 

I am a product GURU and love spending hours in Sephora, trying out all the latest cosmetics and skin care products, as well as Neiman Marcus and MAC. (Don't even get me started on MAC lipglosses...I love them!)

Here are just a few of my top products at the moment, however I will update this list monthly for you all, as I receive so many requests about this topic.

I have also added all these products to my Fitness & Beauty Shop, where you can find all my favorite products at low prices! I spend a lot of time looking for great deals, so if I find an item at a great price then I will include the link so that you can purchase it directly, without paying a store premium :)

This is an amazing product and looks great on its own or over your eyeshadow. There is also a gold version which looks fabulous. You can also use this a highlighter on your cheekbones or add a touch at the top of your cupids bow, to make your lips look more defined.

One of my newest lip gloss additions. A makeup artist introduced to me this color, as it is perfect for summer with bronzed skin and a sculpted body! There are 3 shades in this range, however I am loving this color. Plus you can't beat the lovely little swirls inside, which adds dimension to the color on your lips.

Most self-confessed beauty addicts have at least one MAC Lip Glass in their kit. Now a lot of people don't like sticky glosses...I love sticky glosses! So if that sounds like you, then you will love these. They come in a range of colors and are not expensive. One of my favorite shades is Prrr - a frosty, pale pink that reminds me of the 90's! Paris Hilton is also a fan of that shade, so if you are looking for that "bombshell" lip, then definitely try it out!
Urban Decay Naked Palette

There is a reason why this is a "cult" eyeshadow palette - it really is amazing! Urban Decay has some of the best eyeshadow in the market, with lovely, pigmented hues and velvety textures. I use this all the time and it is one product that all women should have in their kit. I think it looks great on women with yellow undertones in their skin (especially with the gold and bronze colors), however you can also create a gorgeous chocolate smokey eye or nude, shimmery eye.

Stila Concealer

I have only started using this product recently, but have found it to be a great concealer. It has good coverage and is perfect for concealing redness, as well as brightening under your eyes.

Remember that the best beauty product you can add to your routine is drinking more water! It doesn't matter how many products you use, nothing looks better than a clear, healthy complexion. Your makeup will also look a lot better, so make sure you keep up that H20.

If you have any amazing beauty products that you would like to share, then feel free to add them below!

Be fit & fabulous!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Workout Video! 3 exercises for amazing abs!

As you know as I am the Celebrity Fitness & Lifestyle Expert for FitPerez and have recently shot some amazing fitness videos for all the fabulous readers out there!

I have a great video that covers 3 of my favorite ab exercises, which you can do as circuit or straight set. 

I love these exercises because they cover all aspects of the abdominals and work the upper, lower and obliques.

Do this at the end of your workouts or dedicate a training day to abdominals, to really target this area!   

Tune in for more great workout videos and fitness exclusives right here on my official blog.

Be fit!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is social media causing low self-esteem in women?

 Image Source
Today we are focusing on giving our mind a workout, with some thought provoking insights into the world of social media and its effect on how we think about ourselves and others.

Most of you would be very familiar with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. It goes without saying that most people would have at least one social media account (and some of us have a good deal of them). Social media is a great tool to help people connect with others and through platforms like Facebook, many of you are able to keep in contact with family and friends all over the world, or follow your favorite celebrity on Twitter, or browse through amazing photographs on Tumblr - very cool! :)

Social media has changed the way we all use the internet and its intentions are to connect people, which is a great notion. However, social media also brings out some other interesting "trends", which highlights some important issues regarding users personal esteem and their "true self". Now, more than ever before, people are weighing their self-worth on how many Facebook "Fans" they have, if anyone "Liked" their post or how bad they felt when didn't have any messages in their inbox today telling them how totally inspirational they were! (This one I overheard while standing in line at the movie theater - seriously!)

Furthermore, there seems to be an increasing trend of the "Sending you all a sneaky bikini/underwear/abs/topless/nude shot" as if it was taken without their knowledge, or that the camera just happened to snap a photo of them, while they were holding it, with perfect hair and makeup, posing into the mirror, with an Instagram filter over it, with a matching pair of expensive underwear on...yes you get the picture! It was so "unexpected" that they had to post it to 15 000 people immediately! And re-tweet it for weeks after!

After chatting with some young women recently, they expressed their concerns about this type of thing happening on their social networks. Seeing other girls who posted staged "Kardashian-esque" photos of themselves day after day, updating their status multiple times per hour with what sounded like a life of grandeur, as if they themselves were starring in their own award winning reality show (the "reality" part is ironic!) 

After viewing this type of behavior, these women truly believed that these other people's realities must be so amazing and that their own lives/bodies/activities could not live up to these standards. In turn, what once was a place for seeing photos of their friends holiday in Brazil, quickly became the place in their minds that only these far more "popular" people could exist. 

However for these women, they found it interesting to see that while they thought they were suffering from low self-esteem, it was really the "poster" who needed the validation from others about their lifestyle or body. If no-one "Liked" their picture or told them they were amazing, then how were they going to get through the day!

"Researcher Soraya Mehdizadeh from York University in Canada asked 100 students, 50 male and 50 female, aged between 18 and 25 about their Facebook habits.
They all took psychology tests to measure their levels of narcissism, which the study defined as ‘a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and an exaggerated sense of self-importance’.
Those who scored higher on the narcissism test checked their Facebook pages more often each day than those who did not.
There was also a difference between men and women – men generally promoted themselves by written posts on their Facebook page while women tended to carefully select the pictures in their profile." (Published in the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behaviour And Social Networking).

For women, young women especially, it can be hard these days to navigate oneself through the gauntlet of media that is fed to you each day, not to mention through the countless images are flashed before your eyes. There are whole websites dedicated to "thinspirations" and "fitspirations", not to mention thousands of hashtags, bitly links and Instagram uploads, all there telling you what to look like, what not to look like, how to live your life etc. It can be very overwhelming!

So how do you get through all this information and visual stimuli without going crazy and thinking you are not good enough?

1. Don't think too much into what other people post, the photos they put up (especially their "sneaky bikini/underwear/abs/topless/nude shots" (haha) or their supposedly Kardashian type lifestyles. They need the admiration of others to fuel their own purposes and that is something that they have to deal with. (It would also be very time-consuming posting, reposting, retweeting etc. all day long, so think of all the extra time YOU have to actually DO real things with your life).

2. A lot of images you will see have had careful planning. There are people that want you to think they look totally polished 24 hours a day! We all know this is not the case, so don't stress out. Just like in the magazines, a bit of editing or an Instagram filter will do wonders for a photo and it can look totally different to the original one. Also I have seen a lot of people post old photos of themselves doing fun things as if they happened last night, to give the illusion that they are living a nonstop rockstar life. Sad but true!

3. Find true role models who you look up to! There are plenty of fabulous people out there that can inspire you to be the best person you can be.

4. Let go of the obsession with who "Liked" your post, who commented on your wall (or if you are someone that has a public page) how many "fans" you have. Unless you are a business, then it really doesn't matter. There are no popularity police and judging yourself on what other people think of the photo you posted yesterday is not a productive way to live.

5. If you are someone that finds yourself constantly over exaggerating your lifestyle on social media then stop for a moment and think about why you are doing it? Is it to make yourself feel important? Is it to gain the admiration of others? Is it to give the illusion that you are living Richard Branson's life? (haha)

Don't get caught up in the "illusions" of social media. Believe in yourself and don't be distracted by what others are doing. Find some "true" role models and work on making your own life a fabulous one!

Be fit, well & vibrant :)


Monday, May 28, 2012

7 ways to improve your eating habits this week

Hello Fitness Friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Did you get up to anything new, fun or exciting? I have been busy trying out all the new Slim Secrets Speedy Recipes which are delicious! There have been so many great submissions and congratulations to the winners! If you haven't yet checked out the recipes then make sure you do. Super easy to make and they take no time at all.

Over the past week I've had a few questions from readers regarding ways that they can improve their diets, without making drastic changes. If you consider yourself someone that eats quite healthy, but could improve in a few areas, this this post is for you.

Sometimes we have those little "extras", which might not seem like a lot at the time, but could be adding a few kilograms to our waistline each year. It's important to make small changes which you wont even notice! Most people eat out of habit and are not consciously thinking about their food as they prepare or eat it. We go into an auto-pilot mode. ie. pick up the coffee, add 2 sugars, fill up half the cup with milk and we are on our way. All we have to do is change those habits and you could be saving yourself a lot of calories and extra time at the gym.

I have put together 7 ways you can improve your eating habits this week - read on to find out what they are...

1. Old Habit: Full fat milk in your coffee

Swap it for: Small amount of skim/low fat milk              

Even better:
No milk (yes I know most of us are horrified about the though of black coffee, but I have been drinking it for years and once you get used to it its great!)

2. Old Habit: x 2 slices of white toast with breakfast (even worse, the really thick, white, cafe toast!)

Swap it for:
x 1 slice of wholemeal toast           

Even better:
Swap toast for more protein (scrambled egg whites) or even some fresh fruit or low fat, low sugar yoghurt. 

3. Old Habit: Orange/Fruit juice from a bottle

Swap it for:
Freshly squeezed juice from a blender with some vegetables added (beetroot, celery, spinach are great additions)    
Even better:
Blend whey protein with some berries/fruit for a high protein, after workout, repair drink!

4. Old Habit: The 3pm chocolate fix (Giant Freddo Frog, KitKat...whatever is in your desk!)

Swap it for:
x 2 squares of Organic 72% Dark Chocolate

Even better:
Slim Secrets Afternoon Snack Attack Bar. Delicious, high protein and low fat, this will fill you up way more than x 2 squares of dark chocolate will!

5. Old Habit:
Eating dessert every time you have dinner at a restaurant

Swap it for:
Ask the server if they make you a fresh bowl of berries (raspberry, strawberries, blueberries) or fruit salad.

6. Old Habit:
Adding sugar to your beverages

Swap it for:
Sachet of Splenda

Even better:
Buying your own packets of natural sweetener Stevia and taking them with you in your bag.

7. Old Habit:
Snacking on roasted, salted nut mixes with dried fruit

Swap it for:
Non-salted nut mix (no dried fruit)

Even better:
Natural almonds, pecans, walnuts (non salted).
Do you have any ways that you save on calories by making a simple swap?

I hope you all have a great week and let me know if you attempted any of the above changes to your eating habits! Once you make the change you will see a difference.

Be fit & well :)


Monday, May 7, 2012

What exercises can I do to tighten my inner thighs?

Hi Everyone,

This week in my "Ask the Trainer" column (courtesy of the amazing Slim Secrets) I was asked a very popular question that concerns most women...

Hi Courtney! What exercises can I do to tighten up my inner thighs?

The inner thighs are a trouble-spot for most women and usually are one of the last places that seem to shrink with regular exercise. Using cardio workouts to burn off the extra 'layers' on your body, you can then work your inner thighs with these moves:

- PliƩ Squat
- Side Lunge
- Cable Adduction

Try for 3 sets of 15 reps per exercise.

If you really want to tighten up those inner thighs, then do these exercises up to 3 times a week, on non-consecutive days, or add them to your normal leg routine.

Be fit & well :)


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Friday, March 23, 2012

3 step guide to gorgeous glutes

 Hi Readers!

I get many requests from clients for exercises that tone and shape the glutes and the secret to a "perfect behind" is working this area in all directions. Working the three major muscles, the gluteaus maximus, medius and minimus, you can sculpt and shape your glutes to perfection!

Need to lift, tighten and tone your tush? Try my gorgeous glutes workout below. For maximum results, do this workout twice a week and include some weight to increase the intensity.

Move 1: Side Step Up

Standing alongside a bench or step, step up with your left leg, so that your right leg is still on the ground. Squeeze your glutes and push through your left heel, driving your right leg up. Lower right leg down so the ball of the foot touches the floor and immediately lift again. Complete for 15 reps then change sides.

Repeat 3 x 15

Move 2: Squat with leg raise

Standing with your feet wider than shoulder width, toes pointing forward, squat down sticking your bottom out behind you. As you straighten up, extend your left leg out to the side into a leg raise. Hold for 1 second and lower down. Return to the squat position and continue for 12 reps.

Repeat 3 x 12

Move 3: Lying Glute Squeeze

Lie flat on your stomach with your arms folded under your chin. Keeping your legs straight, point your toes and slowly raise your left leg vertically, until you feel a squeeze in your glutes. Make sure you keep your hips flat on the floor. Lower and repeat for the right side.

Repeat 3 x 12

Bonus! Finishing Move: Pop Squats

Standing with your feet wider that shoulder width, jump in so that your feet are close together and then explosively jump out again into the squat position. This is a plyometric move, so you should be moving quite quickly between each section of the move. Continue this move until failure! (Pop squats are quite taxing on the knee joints, so if you have knee concerns then skip this one).

Have a great weekend and remember to hit the gym, drink plenty of water and snack of some delicious Slim Secrets bars :)


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Monday, March 12, 2012

Is technology making you gain weight?

                                                                                                                                                                           Image Source
Hello Fitness Friends,

If you are reading this post then I know you are currently on the Internet, either accessing the website on your computer or through your phone. For a lot of you, this is not the first time you have logged on today, nor will it be the last time either. While online, you might also check out a few of your friends profiles, a celebrity blog or two, your favourite online store, download some music from iTunes and check your email. At the same time, you might also be texting your friends, looking at some photos in your gallery and browsing the App store on your iPhone, while you watch some TV and download the next episode (so you don't have to wait a week). Phew!

This might sound like a lot, but the funny thing is this is all completely normal technology use in 2012, especially with the introduction of laptops, smartphones and fast wireless internet.

I know a lot of people that run their lives in this fashion, opening 10 browser windows at a time so that they can peruse multiple sites in a few seconds, or press the refresh button countless times a day, to see if anyone has updated their Facebook profiles.

I see a lot of people at the gym slowly turning the peddles of the bike, too engrossed in their photo gallery to break a sweat.

I hear a lot of my clients say that they are so fatigued each morning and all throughout the day, usually because they were up all night playing games on the computer or watching TV.

While technology has given us so many great features, it is also important to step back and take note of the amount of time you are spending "wired" each day.

How many hours do you spend watching/downloading/uploading/posting/tweeting/viewing/sharing each day? (If your job requires you to do any of the above, then add those hours in too).

Imagine if you devoted 1 of those extra "tech" hours to exercise each day. Even if you already go to the gym, imagine adding an extra hour at the end of your day to walking, stretching, yoga/pilates, meditation etc.

Instead of coming home and jumping straight onto the computer or watching TV, have your gym attire ready and take some time for your health. You will find that you sleep better, have more energy and burn more calories.

Be active & well :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to cleanse your system - the quick & easy answer!

Hands up who had a big weekend with a little too much food, a little too many glasses of champagne and maybe not enough exercise? If you are feeling a bit run down, tired or just plain "yuck" today then I have a simple solution for you that will:

- cleanse your system
- increase your energy and metabolism
- improve digestion
- eliminate toxins

Lemon water! I know, simple yet very effective.

You can add a few squeezes of fresh lemon to warm water in the morning upon rising, or fill up a large jug with water, fresh lemon slices, lime slices and some mint. Sip this drink throughout the day and make sure you keep refilling it, so you always have a nice fresh glass on hand.

If you are someone that doesn't drink enough water, then this tangy twist on water may help to up your intake, while it cleanses and detoxifies!

Try my Lemon Water challenge for 7 days and let me know how you go!

Until next week, be fit & well :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Courtney Barber for Slim Secrets - What to do after a bad food day

Hi Readers,

I found a great little graphic which really illustrates the importance of not "beating" ourselves up constantly about bad food choices or the occasional slip in your normal diet. Yes, everyone gets tempted by tasty treats and sometimes we slip into bad eating habits, but the important thing to remember is to:

a. Put down the rest of the (unhealthy food here)

b. Look at the reason why you binged

c. Understand the trigger (what is stress, boredom, tiredness etc)

d. Remember that there are plenty more meals to come in the week and one slip up does not equal doomsday, nor does it warrant you to throw in the towel and continue the cycle!

e. Pre plan your next meal and make sure it is something super healthy, to bring you back on track!

It's all about consistency, so keep this mind :)

Be fit!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The best workout to blast fat quickly!

Hi Everyone!

I have been getting a few questions this month regarding exercise, particularly workouts that people can do in short amount of time, but really pack a punch!

We don't all have hours to devote to the gym, so I suggest that High Intensity Circuit Training is the way to go when you are pushed for time, but really want to burn those calories.

This type of training incorporates both cardio and strength moves in a circuit, with little to no rest between exercises. The main focus of this type of training is the intensity, so make sure you are pushing yourself to failure in each different section of the circuit.

If you would like to add a new dimension to your training, then try my example circuit below 3 times this week!

2 mins jump rope
20 pushups
20 squats
2 mins star jumps

20 tricep dips
20 walking lunges
2 mins stair run

20 ab crunches
20 second plank hold
2 mins jump rope

Rest and repeat 2-3 times

You will be surprised how much you feel this after the first set. If you are a more advanced trainer, then I suggest adding weights to the strength sections, or even doubling the time and reps. ie. 4 mins of skipping and 40 pushups.

Would love to hear how you go this week!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Courtney Barber for Slim Secrets: The BEST low carb - low sugar - low fat treats!

Hi Everyone

How did you go with your New Years weight loss tips from last week? Did you implement them all? If you did, how are you feeling today? Make sure you comment with your results!

Now that you have (hopefully) lost all those extra kilograms gained through the holiday season (and if you haven't, click here to find out how you can) its time to make sure that you are not going to fall back into the unhealthy eating trap.

Most people can cope with preparing their larger meals on a daily basis, but one thing I hear over and over again is that "snacking" is usually your weight loss downfall. It's that scary time between meals, when you really feel like something sweet and you know that a chocolate bar is only going to hurt you...but you reach for it anyway! Those extra calories slowly creep up and before you know it, you have gained weight!

Luckily for you we have Slim Secrets to thank for giving us a range of amazing, low carb, low fat snacking options, which are perfect for all those "in-between" times! You may not be familiar with all the lovely products they have on offer, so read on to find out which products would be right for you.

For people who love white chocolate and berries...
NIGHT TIME BINGE - BUSTER! A delicious blueberry and raspberry bar, made from real snap frozen fruit, drizzled with smooth white choc that melts in your mouth.

For people who love peppermint crisps...
MINTABOLISM BOOST! The Mintabolism Boost bar packs a punch with green tea extract (concentrated tea) which contains antioxidants that come from polyphenols in the tea.

For people who need their morning coffee...
MORNING REV-UP! Need something to fill the mid morning gap? If you crave coffee and sweets and you need a boost, here's a secret weapon to get you going.

For people who love caramel and chocolate...
AFTERNOON SNACK ATTACK! A decadent choc caramel and snack that you will think is too good to be true.

Just reading about these bars makes me hungry! So now you have a great option for your snacks, without the guilt! Slim Secrets bars fit perfectly in your bag (I have them in there all the time) as well as in your desk, car, gym bag etc...

Lets make 2012 the year we don't gain weight from unnecessary snacking on junk food! When you head to the supermarket this week, make sure you pick up some Slim Secrets bars!

Keep active!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Courtney Barber for Slim Secrets: 10 ways to lose your holiday weight gain - FAST!

Happy 2012 Readers!

How did you celebrate Christmas and the New Year? Is your answer "with too much alcohol and food"?

Yes we all indulge a little too much over the holidays, enjoying those festive treats and celebration drinks, however after all the Christmas cheer has gone we are usually just left with tired looking skin, tight clothing and little motivation to do anything about it.

Lets face it, if there was a quick and easy way we could shed some of those extra kilograms without having to make many drastic changes we would do it right?

Well lucky for Slim Secrets fans there is! I have put together 10 ways you can shift those extra kilos starting this week (without having to totally kill yourself at the gym like everyone else!)

10 Ways to Lose Your Holiday Weight Gain

1. Cut out refined sugar now - that means soft drink, cakes, lollies, chocolate (yes you know all the bad foods you shouldn't be eating).

2. Limit carbohydrates at night - You don't need the extra energy before bed, so stick with lean proteins and fiberous vegetables and salad.

3. Eat 3 protein rich meals a day, with 2 light snacks inbetween - Slim Secrets bars or shakes are a perfect snack! Check out the whole delicious range here.

4. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

5. Do 3 sets of 12 pushups first thing when you get out of bed - you will be surprised how energised you feel after.

6. Throw away all the Christmas leftovers - including all the unopened boxes of chocolate, bottles of wine and anything else filled with sugar or fat.

7. Keep some dumbbells next to the TV so that you can always do a quick set of exercises while your programs are on, instead of sitting down and doing nothing.

8. Sit down and plan a concrete exercise and eating plan - this will keep you on track and focussed!

9. Do at least 30 mins of powerwalking per day - a good option if you don't have access to a gym.

10. Try something new - it's 2012 so mix it up a bit! If you have always done the same workouts or same classes then its time to change it up. Your body will respond positively!
Print this list out and tick each item off as you go this week. By next Monday you will certainly be feeling fitter and healthier!
Is 2012 the year you are going to achieve your "body goals"? I'm always here to help, so make sure you email me your questions through the "Ask the Trainer" tab!

Be fit & fabulous!