Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The best workout to blast fat quickly!

Hi Everyone!

I have been getting a few questions this month regarding exercise, particularly workouts that people can do in short amount of time, but really pack a punch!

We don't all have hours to devote to the gym, so I suggest that High Intensity Circuit Training is the way to go when you are pushed for time, but really want to burn those calories.

This type of training incorporates both cardio and strength moves in a circuit, with little to no rest between exercises. The main focus of this type of training is the intensity, so make sure you are pushing yourself to failure in each different section of the circuit.

If you would like to add a new dimension to your training, then try my example circuit below 3 times this week!

2 mins jump rope
20 pushups
20 squats
2 mins star jumps

20 tricep dips
20 walking lunges
2 mins stair run

20 ab crunches
20 second plank hold
2 mins jump rope

Rest and repeat 2-3 times

You will be surprised how much you feel this after the first set. If you are a more advanced trainer, then I suggest adding weights to the strength sections, or even doubling the time and reps. ie. 4 mins of skipping and 40 pushups.

Would love to hear how you go this week!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Courtney Barber for Slim Secrets: The BEST low carb - low sugar - low fat treats!

Hi Everyone

How did you go with your New Years weight loss tips from last week? Did you implement them all? If you did, how are you feeling today? Make sure you comment with your results!

Now that you have (hopefully) lost all those extra kilograms gained through the holiday season (and if you haven't, click here to find out how you can) its time to make sure that you are not going to fall back into the unhealthy eating trap.

Most people can cope with preparing their larger meals on a daily basis, but one thing I hear over and over again is that "snacking" is usually your weight loss downfall. It's that scary time between meals, when you really feel like something sweet and you know that a chocolate bar is only going to hurt you...but you reach for it anyway! Those extra calories slowly creep up and before you know it, you have gained weight!

Luckily for you we have Slim Secrets to thank for giving us a range of amazing, low carb, low fat snacking options, which are perfect for all those "in-between" times! You may not be familiar with all the lovely products they have on offer, so read on to find out which products would be right for you.

For people who love white chocolate and berries...
NIGHT TIME BINGE - BUSTER! A delicious blueberry and raspberry bar, made from real snap frozen fruit, drizzled with smooth white choc that melts in your mouth.

For people who love peppermint crisps...
MINTABOLISM BOOST! The Mintabolism Boost bar packs a punch with green tea extract (concentrated tea) which contains antioxidants that come from polyphenols in the tea.

For people who need their morning coffee...
MORNING REV-UP! Need something to fill the mid morning gap? If you crave coffee and sweets and you need a boost, here's a secret weapon to get you going.

For people who love caramel and chocolate...
AFTERNOON SNACK ATTACK! A decadent choc caramel and snack that you will think is too good to be true.

Just reading about these bars makes me hungry! So now you have a great option for your snacks, without the guilt! Slim Secrets bars fit perfectly in your bag (I have them in there all the time) as well as in your desk, car, gym bag etc...

Lets make 2012 the year we don't gain weight from unnecessary snacking on junk food! When you head to the supermarket this week, make sure you pick up some Slim Secrets bars!

Keep active!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Courtney Barber for Slim Secrets: 10 ways to lose your holiday weight gain - FAST!

Happy 2012 Readers!

How did you celebrate Christmas and the New Year? Is your answer "with too much alcohol and food"?

Yes we all indulge a little too much over the holidays, enjoying those festive treats and celebration drinks, however after all the Christmas cheer has gone we are usually just left with tired looking skin, tight clothing and little motivation to do anything about it.

Lets face it, if there was a quick and easy way we could shed some of those extra kilograms without having to make many drastic changes we would do it right?

Well lucky for Slim Secrets fans there is! I have put together 10 ways you can shift those extra kilos starting this week (without having to totally kill yourself at the gym like everyone else!)

10 Ways to Lose Your Holiday Weight Gain

1. Cut out refined sugar now - that means soft drink, cakes, lollies, chocolate (yes you know all the bad foods you shouldn't be eating).

2. Limit carbohydrates at night - You don't need the extra energy before bed, so stick with lean proteins and fiberous vegetables and salad.

3. Eat 3 protein rich meals a day, with 2 light snacks inbetween - Slim Secrets bars or shakes are a perfect snack! Check out the whole delicious range here.

4. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

5. Do 3 sets of 12 pushups first thing when you get out of bed - you will be surprised how energised you feel after.

6. Throw away all the Christmas leftovers - including all the unopened boxes of chocolate, bottles of wine and anything else filled with sugar or fat.

7. Keep some dumbbells next to the TV so that you can always do a quick set of exercises while your programs are on, instead of sitting down and doing nothing.

8. Sit down and plan a concrete exercise and eating plan - this will keep you on track and focussed!

9. Do at least 30 mins of powerwalking per day - a good option if you don't have access to a gym.

10. Try something new - it's 2012 so mix it up a bit! If you have always done the same workouts or same classes then its time to change it up. Your body will respond positively!
Print this list out and tick each item off as you go this week. By next Monday you will certainly be feeling fitter and healthier!
Is 2012 the year you are going to achieve your "body goals"? I'm always here to help, so make sure you email me your questions through the "Ask the Trainer" tab!

Be fit & fabulous!