Friday, March 23, 2012

3 step guide to gorgeous glutes

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I get many requests from clients for exercises that tone and shape the glutes and the secret to a "perfect behind" is working this area in all directions. Working the three major muscles, the gluteaus maximus, medius and minimus, you can sculpt and shape your glutes to perfection!

Need to lift, tighten and tone your tush? Try my gorgeous glutes workout below. For maximum results, do this workout twice a week and include some weight to increase the intensity.

Move 1: Side Step Up

Standing alongside a bench or step, step up with your left leg, so that your right leg is still on the ground. Squeeze your glutes and push through your left heel, driving your right leg up. Lower right leg down so the ball of the foot touches the floor and immediately lift again. Complete for 15 reps then change sides.

Repeat 3 x 15

Move 2: Squat with leg raise

Standing with your feet wider than shoulder width, toes pointing forward, squat down sticking your bottom out behind you. As you straighten up, extend your left leg out to the side into a leg raise. Hold for 1 second and lower down. Return to the squat position and continue for 12 reps.

Repeat 3 x 12

Move 3: Lying Glute Squeeze

Lie flat on your stomach with your arms folded under your chin. Keeping your legs straight, point your toes and slowly raise your left leg vertically, until you feel a squeeze in your glutes. Make sure you keep your hips flat on the floor. Lower and repeat for the right side.

Repeat 3 x 12

Bonus! Finishing Move: Pop Squats

Standing with your feet wider that shoulder width, jump in so that your feet are close together and then explosively jump out again into the squat position. This is a plyometric move, so you should be moving quite quickly between each section of the move. Continue this move until failure! (Pop squats are quite taxing on the knee joints, so if you have knee concerns then skip this one).

Have a great weekend and remember to hit the gym, drink plenty of water and snack of some delicious Slim Secrets bars :)


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