Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 reasons why you fail to lose weight, stay motivated and acheive your fitness goals

Love hearing feedback from clients regarding their success and received this message this week from a young lady who never thought she would ever find exercise something to look forward to:

"I woke up this morning and couldn't wait to get to the gym and start my workout! (Shock I know!) A few months ago I hated the gym and was thinking about canceling my membership. I am so motivated!! Finally something that works for me plus my legs & butt have never looked better! Can't wait to hit the weights today!"

With the launch of my new fitness services, I have had many questions regarding the right programs for people and which plans would be best suited for them and their lifestyle. 

If you are new to exercising or simply returning after a bit of a hiatus, finding the right plan can be difficult. Everyone wants to jump straight in to the "all or nothing" routine, however from observation, I know that after a few short weeks (or even days) people can lose focus, motivation and momentum, slowly falling back into old habits.

This can usually be the result of a few things:
The "total action hero"  Approach 
You desperately want to lose weight (right now!) so you choose the most extreme fitness routine/DVD/program in the market, that has amazing transformation photos, however after playing the DVD/starting the program, you realize that your body is not cut out for 100 burpees in a row or explosive pushups with double claps. You then feel defeated and throw the DVD into the drawer (while icing your aching joints and sore back) and then watch more fitness infomercials, hoping to find the next fitness solution!

The "I am confused about what I am doing" Approach
You decide you are going to exercise, so you head to the gym, walk around, lift a few weights (without any plan or without knowing what to do), walk for 10 minutes on the treadmill and go home. You repeat this for 2 weeks, don't see any results, then give up, deciding that nothing will ever work for you.

 The "I want to look like Angelina Jolie" Approach

You look through the internet and find a fitness routine that a celebrity, model or bodybuilder follows. You print this out and take it to the gym, then realize that you don't understand any of the exercises and that even after following it diligently for weeks, your body doesn't look anything like theirs does! How could this be? This routine goes into the trash and you then start looking for a new celebrity, model or bodybuilder routine on the internet to follow...

The "cardio bunny" Approach

You are scared of doing weights so just stick to cardio. After doing an hour a day on the treadmill, you notice that your clothes are a bit looser, but your body is not really changing shape. You decide that you will now do 2 hours a day. After a week you realize that you simply exhausted and all this cardio is not sculpting your butt like you wanted or giving you definition in your arms. You can't work it out though - all the women are on the cardio machines so it must be the right thing to do?

The "I can eat anything because I went to the gym" Approach

You find a plan that fits into your lifestyle and work out religiously. You start to see great results, so think that you can start to "slack off" now and have dessert every night, "because you deserve it". You then notice your results are lagging, so work out even harder. Your body is looking great! Time to treat yourself again, so out comes the cupcakes. This cycle continues endlessly!

Do any of these examples ring a bell? There are many more I could list, however these are the most common ones that I have observed.

So how can you choose a plan that will work for you and your goals?

Here are 10 important things to consider:

1. What are you trying to achieve? Set clear goals on your dream body!
2. When do I want to achieve this by?
3. How much time can you realistically set aside for training?
4. What is your skill level?
5. Do you have any injuries that may stop you from doing certain exercises?
6. What type of activities do you enjoy?
7. What keeps you motivated?
8. Do you prefer to work out at home or in the gym?
9. Are you able to follow a plan exactly?
10. Are you serious about making real changes to your body, or are you looking for a quick fix?

Ask yourself these questions to work out what NEW approach will work for you. Following the same routine (that has not given you results in the past) is a surefire way to achieve very little progress.

Be fit & well :)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8 Steps to a Bombshell Beach Body - World Physique Magazine

Everyone wants a Bombshell Beach Body!

This month, one of my articles was published in World Physique Magazine, outlining 8 steps you can take to work on building your own bikini body. This is a great article, as it includes some simple, yet effective tips for your diet and also my Sexy Summer Circuit, which will leave you feeling sassy and strong! It is the perfect mix of cardio and strength training, guaranteed to raise your heart rate and build long, lean, sexy muscle!

You can read the full article in the Summer Edition of World Physique Magazine, which if you are not familiar with, is a fabulous magazine full of great fitness and nutrition articles, written by fitness pro's, including pro fitness and bikini competitors, bodybuilders, trainers and nutritionists.If today is the day that you have wanted to try something new in the gym, then print off my Sexy Summer Circuit and get to it! 

 I also encourage all of you to visit my official Facebook page, as I regularly post exclusive workouts and fitness tips there. 

Be fit & well :)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ask Courtney - What are some of your favorite beauty products?

One of my fabulous readers Ashley wanted to know:  

"Hi Courtney! From your experience as a model, what are some of your favorite beauty products or cosmetics that makeup artists have used in your photoshoots?"

Well I have been asked this many times over the years and I thought that I would share some of them with you all, so that you can also benefit from the many products that I have tried and tested! 

I am a product GURU and love spending hours in Sephora, trying out all the latest cosmetics and skin care products, as well as Neiman Marcus and MAC. (Don't even get me started on MAC lipglosses...I love them!)

Here are just a few of my top products at the moment, however I will update this list monthly for you all, as I receive so many requests about this topic.

I have also added all these products to my Fitness & Beauty Shop, where you can find all my favorite products at low prices! I spend a lot of time looking for great deals, so if I find an item at a great price then I will include the link so that you can purchase it directly, without paying a store premium :)

This is an amazing product and looks great on its own or over your eyeshadow. There is also a gold version which looks fabulous. You can also use this a highlighter on your cheekbones or add a touch at the top of your cupids bow, to make your lips look more defined.

One of my newest lip gloss additions. A makeup artist introduced to me this color, as it is perfect for summer with bronzed skin and a sculpted body! There are 3 shades in this range, however I am loving this color. Plus you can't beat the lovely little swirls inside, which adds dimension to the color on your lips.

Most self-confessed beauty addicts have at least one MAC Lip Glass in their kit. Now a lot of people don't like sticky glosses...I love sticky glosses! So if that sounds like you, then you will love these. They come in a range of colors and are not expensive. One of my favorite shades is Prrr - a frosty, pale pink that reminds me of the 90's! Paris Hilton is also a fan of that shade, so if you are looking for that "bombshell" lip, then definitely try it out!
Urban Decay Naked Palette

There is a reason why this is a "cult" eyeshadow palette - it really is amazing! Urban Decay has some of the best eyeshadow in the market, with lovely, pigmented hues and velvety textures. I use this all the time and it is one product that all women should have in their kit. I think it looks great on women with yellow undertones in their skin (especially with the gold and bronze colors), however you can also create a gorgeous chocolate smokey eye or nude, shimmery eye.

Stila Concealer

I have only started using this product recently, but have found it to be a great concealer. It has good coverage and is perfect for concealing redness, as well as brightening under your eyes.

Remember that the best beauty product you can add to your routine is drinking more water! It doesn't matter how many products you use, nothing looks better than a clear, healthy complexion. Your makeup will also look a lot better, so make sure you keep up that H20.

If you have any amazing beauty products that you would like to share, then feel free to add them below!

Be fit & fabulous!