I love helping all my clients achieve their goals, whether it be getting in shape for their next pageant, losing those last couple of pounds or toning up for bikini season. Through online and in-person coaching, my clients have achieved amazing results, while learning about fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. Best of all we make fitness enjoyable and fun!

Read what some of my fabulous clients have to say...

"My amazing personal trainer Courtney - you have changed my life! After having my baby I thought that I could never get back into shape. I felt depressed and hated looking in the mirror. I had no shape and lost all my muscle tone. When we started training I couldn't believe how sore I was days after...my legs have never felt like that lol! I started to see changes in my body shape straightaway. My legs were toned, my tummy was getting smaller each week and I felt so much better about myself. The best moment was when I overheard other women saying how much they wanted arms like mine! I have never had this comment before! I got my body back because of you and now I train everyday because of your principles. Thank you!"
Julie Grant - Gold Coast
"I have been training with Courtney for nearly 5 years and I still get so excited each week when we meet for training. We do something new every week! Seriously! I don't know how she manages to keep coming up with new and exciting routines every session! She makes training challenging, enjoyable and is a fountain of health knowledge. I have seen a lot of great changes in both my body and attitude to life. It feels great to know that I have a friend and coach who really cares."
Emily Reynolds - Gold Coast

"After seeing your photos online I knew I had to sign up for your online fitness coaching! You helped me understand where I had gone wrong in the past in relation to training and nutrition and totally changed my attitude towards exercise. After receiving my plans, you answered all my questions and kept me on the right track. After 8 weeks I can honestly say that I have not looked this good in years. The bonus - being able to train with you from anywhere in the world."
Sue Allen - Sheffield, UK

"You just rock girl! You kick my butt and I totally need it. After training I am dripping with sweat...and its awesome! Can't wait til our next session!"
Kayla - Gold Coast

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